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 Challenge Guidelines

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PostSubject: Challenge Guidelines   Challenge Guidelines Icon_minitimeWed Dec 05, 2012 1:07 am

There is a 750 word maximum. Please check contest page for theme and rules b/c each challenge will be different.
Every entry I receive will be assigned a # so the judging will be anonymous - that means that each person in the group should weigh in on the voting!
*Please do not discuss with other members or comment anywhere that you will be or have sent in your submission because I add the entries to the forum when I receive them.

1.) Email your stories to me @ PLEASE send me your entries by the 'copy and paste' method & not via attachments. Also, in the subject line - state the theme the entry is for.
2.) With # assigned I'll re-post all stories on the forum when I am able.
3.) To view stories, please click on the discussion board that corresponds to the challenge we are currently in.
4.) Voting begins @ midnight on the day the contest closes (make sure all entries have been submitted by then) and ends at midnight on the following day - Eastern Standard Time.
5.) Once you've made a choice, send me the # you have voted for via email - one vote/per person.
6.) The winners for each contest will fluctuate, depending on how many entries I receive... EX: If I get 3 -5 entries = 1 winner... 6-8 entries = 2 winners... 10 entries = 3 winners... The largest amount of winners for one contest will not exceed 10.

The winner of the contest: Bragging rights about their accomplishment (of course), a personalized certificate of achievement and the chance to be published in an ebook that I am creating (All proceeds go to charity).

~ Anything is applicable, even poetry. As long as the entry follows ALL the guidelines that are stipulated on this page and on the challenge page.
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Challenge Guidelines
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