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 Shadowman, Chapter II

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Shea Ballard

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PostSubject: Shadowman, Chapter II   Shadowman, Chapter II Icon_minitimeFri Dec 14, 2012 4:36 am

Okay, here's chapter II, as requested. It's also posted on WD. Please be aware that there is some adult content. It involves teens, alcohol, and sexual situations, as well as adult language. Reader discretion is advised.

Chapter II: Ouija Board

The storm that had threatened earlier now arrived. The sky was dark and the wind blew in heavy gusts. Jade’s long hair flew about in all directions in the gale that pushed hard against her body. A few times she almost lost her footing, convinced that all one hundred pounds of her might just blow away. Lightening flashed. Seconds later, the inevitable thunder followed. Luckily, Crystal’s house was only a block away and she made it just as the rain began to fall.
Crystal’s parents were in Hawaii. They had left their teenage daughter home alone. After all, they figured, she was old enough to be without mom and dad for a week. And they trusted her completely, knowing she wasn’t the type to throw wild parties with boys and lots of alcohol. Little did they know Crystal actually preferred girls. They left her money and plenty of food in the fridge. What could go wrong? How could their dorky little girl who sat alone all the time playing World of Warcraft, and had only three friends, possibly cause any trouble? Parents can be so naïve.
“Did you bring it?” asked Crystal.
Jade said nothing. She just opened up her backpack and pulled out a full bottle of vodka. Crystal immediately snatched it out of her hand, eyes as big as a Japanese anime character.
“Wow! Vodka! I’ll go get some cups!”
“Wait! We can’t drink this stuff straight.”
“We can’t?”
“Well, we could, but trust me you don’t want to. Do you have any Kool-Aid?”
“Yeah, what flavor?”
“Doesn’t matter. We need to mix this stuff with Kool-Aid, heavy on the Kool-Aid.”
“Cherry okay?”
“Cherry’s perfect. Oh, and we should eat first. Not good to drink on any empty stomach. What are you feeding us?”
“I ordered pizza. It should be here pretty soon, assuming the storm didn’t get too bad for the delivery man.”
“Perfect. Pizza will be great. Nice and starchy. It’ll soak up the vodka real good.”

The food arrived just as the storm went from bad to worse. The delivery man ran back to his car as the rain turned from light drizzle to torrential downpour. The sky was darker now than it otherwise would be at this time. Instead of a beautiful dessert sunset, the light outside made it look much later.
Crystal had emptied the entire bottle of vodka into a large punch bowl mixed with two quarts of cherry Kool-Aid. The girls then scooped out some of the cocktail with a ladle into plastic cups. Pizza and punch was enjoyed in the living room, sitting round the coffee table.
Crystal lived in a house much like her friends; upper middle-class, spacious rooms, very open design, mostly hardwood floors. The living room had a sectional sofa framing a circular wooden coffee table, one made of real wood and not particle board. It was an expensive piece, not IKEA furniture. Against the opposite wall was a big screen HDTV with surround sound home theater system. In addition, Crystal’s parents favored trinkets from Japan and other Far East countries. Little Buddha statuettes, replicas of Samurai warrior masks, plaques with Japanese lettering, and other such status-symbols designed to make the owner look enlightened littered the house.
“It feels warm,” said Crystal. She was the first to take a sip of her punch. “I just felt it go all the way down my throat and into my tummy.”
“Alcohol will do that,” replied Jade.
She picked up her own cup and took a big gulp from it. Amber and Ruby then picked up their cups and took tentative little sips, making yucky-faces as they had their first taste of vodka.
Amber especially seemed not to like hers.
“And adults drink this stuff why?”
“Because it makes them feel all happy inside,” replied Jade. “No one ever likes the taste. At least, not at first.” She took another sip, and then had an idea. “How about a toast?” She raised her cup. “To friendship.”
“Yes, to friendship!” seconded Ruby. “May we always be friends forever.”
“Friends forever,” the other three repeated.
Jade paused a moment, remembering the writing under her bed. A chill ran down her spine, but she ignored it and finished up her vodka in a few big gulps.
“More punch?” Jade asked. The others had simply taken small sips of theirs. No one had thought to finish their first cup of vodka so quickly. They all looked at Jade as though she had said something obscene. “Well, I’m going to get some more.”
When Jade returned with a fresh cup of punch, she found Crystal playing with the empty vodka bottle.
“What are you doing?”
“We should play spin-the-bottle,” replied Crystal with a smile.
“We can’t,” stated Ruby. “No boys.”
“That’s okay,” replied Crystal. “We don’t need boys.”
“I’m not kissing you,” said Jade.
“Me neither,” said Ruby.
“That goes for me as well,” added Amber.
Crystal sighed in defeat.
Jade quickly changed the subject. “We should play a drinking game,” she said.
The girls decided on a game of “Never Have I Ever…” The object of said game is to say “never have I ever…” and then state something that you have indeed done and then take a drink. In other words, lie, and each time you lie take a drink. Of course, one could just state something that you really never have done and then not take a drink, but then what would be the point of that? The thing about drinking games is that you’re supposed to get drunk. And with “Never Have I Ever…” specifically, you are supposed to reveal personal, potentially embarrassing things about what you have done in the past. When college kids play, most of what they reveal is regarding things they have done sexually. For four high school girls who were still virgins and have hardly ever done anything in their lives even remotely bad or embarrassing, this makes for a much less interesting game.
“Never have I ever…,” Crystal paused for dramatic emphasis, “kissed a girl.” She smiled and took a sip of her drink.
“We knew that,” declared Amber.
“Well, it’s your turn now. Let’s see what you’ve done,” challenged Crystal.
“Never have I ever…,” Amber thought hard. This was not going to be easy. She was easily the most goody-goody of the four. “…uh, let’s see, uh…stayed out past curfew.” She smiled and took a tiny sip of her drink. She made a face as she tasted the bitter liquid.
“No!” mocked Ruby. “Not you, Amber!”
“Yes, it’s true,” she admitted, blushing. “I lost track of the time at…”
“Where were you?” asked Ruby.
“…the library. The other girls laughed. Amber lowered her head, her face appearing even more flushed.
“Okay, now you Ruby,” challenged Crystal again. “Let’s see what you can come up with.”
“Never have I ever…,” began Ruby. “…kissed a boy.” She smiled and took a sip of her drink.
“When was this?” asked Amber. I’ve seen you talk to boys, but…”
“Well, it was this one time at…”
“Band Camp?” interrupted Crystal.
“Actually, it was at band camp,” admitted Ruby. I made out with Mitchell Michal, for a few precious moments until one of the counselors caught us.”
“Mitchell Michal!” yelled Jade. “Did your braces get locked together? Were there sparks?” She laughed hard. “How about his zits? Did they attack you?” She laughed again, slapping herself on the knee.
“Well, I thought he was cute!” declared Ruby. Anyway, who would you make out with?”
“Never mind that,” interrupted Crystal. “It’s Jade’s turn.”
Yeah, Jade!” challenged Ruby. “What have you done?”
Jade made a slight breach in game etiquette by taking a drink before she spoke. She then stated, “Never have I ever…,” she thought for a moment, “…had a crush on Adam Schwartz.” She laughed and took a big gulp of her punch.
“Really?” asked Crystal. “I had no idea.”
“I knew,” offered Amber. “I caught her staring at him in psych class. When I confronted her she totally denied it.” She turned to Jade. “So it is true then?”
“Oh, it’s true,” admitted Jade. She laughed. “I’ve got it bad for that boy.” She laughed again. I think about him all the time.”
“What a coincidence,” said Ruby, “I like him, too.”
“Do you?” replied Jade.
“Yeah, I think he’s pretty cute. In fact, we’ve been talking lately. He’s a real nice boy.”
“Have you now?”
“Yeah, just a little. But if you like him more…”
“You’re lucky I didn’t catch you talking to him.” She started laughing hysterically.
“Oh yeah?” Ruby replied, now also laughing hard. “What would you do?”
“I’ll kill you, bitch.” She laughed some more. “Stay away from that boy. He’s mine.”
“I’d better be careful then,” replied Ruby with great big belly laughs.
This continued for another minute or so; Jade threatening Ruby with bodily harm and both of them laughing it off. It was like a scene out of a movie, where two characters are trying to drink each other under the table all the while laughing off matters of life and death. Finally, Crystal, sensing the mounting tension, interrupted. “That’s great, Jade,” she said. “I didn’t think you liked anyone.”
“Oh, I like him alright,” Jade replied. “That boy is so beautiful. I have dreams about him.” She smiled, seeming to be lost in though. She laughed again. “He makes me wet.” She rubbed her crotch.
“Oh gross!” yelled Amber. “You’re getting rather raunchy, Jade. This isn’t like you. I think you should lay off the vodka.”
“Never!” she replied, laughing hysterically. “Wanna hear about all the things I want to do to him? And everything I want him to do to me?” She rubbed her breasts.
“Please don’t!” implored Amber.
“You’re pretty wasted, Jade,” declared Crystal.
Jade bent over in laughter. “Wasted.”
Crystal thought for a moment and then picked up the empty vodka bottle. She gave it a good spin. When it came to a stop it pointed at Jade.
“Guess I have to kiss you, huh?” asked Jade.
She leaned over and gave Crystal a quick peck on the cheek. Crystal looked disappointed. She looked into Jade’s eyes with an expression that said, That’s it?
Jade looked back and said, “What the hell,” and proceeded to kiss Crystal hard on her lips.
For her part, Crystal kissed back just as aggressively. She wrapped her arms around Jade. The kisses were open-mouthed now, each girls tongue exploring the others. Ruby was cheering them on, while Amber looked embarrassed.
“Go Jade! Go Crystal!” yelled Ruby. In her excitement, she finally yelled, “Grab her boob, Jade! Grab her boob!”
Jade obeyed Ruby’s command and reached out and grabbed Crystal firmly on one of her breasts. This caused Crystal to start laughing hysterically, which ended the make-out session. The two girls both lay on the floor, laughing so hard they were holding their sides in pain. Suddenly, a bright flash of lightening shone through the window like a strobe light, followed almost immediately by a terribly loud crash of thunder. The girls jumped, their startle reflex making them feel like they were going to come out of their skin. Then the lights went out. Amber screamed.
“It’s okay!” yelled Crystal. Everyone stay where they are.” She got up and carefully made her way to the kitchen where she soon returned with a flashlight in hand. “We have candles and matches. I’ll go get them.”
In about five minutes Crystal had around ten candles lit throughout the room.
“Now that it’s all dark and we have candles lit, I’d say it’s a good time to play with my Ouija board.”
Jade and Ruby nodded their agreement. Amber wasn’t so sure.
Crystal set up the board on the coffee table.
“Okay, now everyone needs to place a hand on the pointer,” she instructed.
All the girls did so.
“Spirits of the Great Beyond,” she intoned as melodramatically as she could, “we seek an audience with you this evening. We ask for your favor. Please come to us. Are you there great spirits?”
Slowly the pointer moved itself over the word, “Yes.”
Crystal and Ruby screamed in excitement.
“Jade, you’re moving it,” accused Amber.
“No, I’m not.”
“Will you two shut up?” demanded Crystal. Without missing a beat she continued, “Great Spirit, please tell us your name!”
At first nothing happened, but then the pointer began to move. First it positioned itself over the letter, “I.” Then slowly it found “B.” Next came “L.” Then another “I.” Finally, the pointer came to a rest over the letter “S.”
“Ib-lis,” said Crystal. “Iblis?”
“What kind of a name is Iblis?” asked Ruby.
Suddenly, Jade pulled her hand away from the pointer.
“I don’t want to play anymore.”
She walked away and over to the punch bowl. Hands shaking, she scooped out some more vodka/Kool-Aid mixture and poured it into her cup. While the other girls looked on, she chugged the punch as fast as she could, some of it dripping out from the corners of her mouth and onto the floor.
“Are you okay, Jade?” asked Crystal. “You’re the last person I’d expect to get spooked by all of this. I would sooner think Amber would freak out.”
“Yeah, fine,” replied Jade, trying hard to sound nonchalant. Her hands still shook. Her heart was beating erratically. She scooped some more punch out with the ladle and filled her cup once more. She began chugging at it again.
“Jade, I think you should stop drinking now,” said Amber. “You’re gonna end up like your mother.”
Jade stopped chugging. She then threw her cup down on the floor as hard as she could. The one or two swallows of liquid that were left spilled out onto the floor. She turned to face Amber. “Take it back,” she said quietly.
“Jade, I only…”
“I said take it back!”
“Jade, please…”
“I will not end up like my mother! Now take back what you said, you bitch!”
“I swear to God I’m gonna punch you.”
Jade took a few steps toward Amber. Crystal then stepped forward to intervene.
“Alright, alright! I take it back.” Tears welled up in her eyes.
Jade lowered the fist she had raised. Crystal relaxed her posture, and took a step back.
“Maybe we should all just go to bed now,” suggested Crystal. “It is getting late.”
Jade turned and walked a few steps back away from Amber. She lay down on the floor, no pillow, no blankets, and closed her eyes. She fell asleep instantly. Amber then broke down into heaving sobs. Ruby went to comfort her.
Crystal had gone to get a pillow and propped it under Jade’s head. She then threw a blanket over her sleeping form. The girls watched her breath for a while, making sure she was okay. When they were satisfied their friend was not in any distress, and then went to sleep themselves. They slept on the floor, cuddled up next to each other, like newborn puppies sharing body heat.
From a dark corner of the room a pair of glowing red eyes watched the sleeping girls. The Ouija board worked. Iblis had returned.
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Shadowman, Chapter II Empty
PostSubject: Re: Shadowman, Chapter II   Shadowman, Chapter II Icon_minitimeSun Dec 23, 2012 2:56 am

Shea: I can't wait to read more! There is one thing I'd think about changing though. When the girls bring up the game... 'Never have I ever' - - Instead of the narrator explaining how the game works, I'd have one of the characters in the book, like...

Jade looked from one girl to the next, "You all know how to play right?"
"I don't," Amber whispered.
"Good lord, you are such a prude sometimes." She laughed, her eyes rolling.
Jade sat down, her fingers pulling her hair up in a loose ponytail. "Okay, so like the game starts off with one of us..."

That's just a suggestion though. Otherwise I thought the writing was great and very believable. Great job! Surprised)
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Shea Ballard

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PostSubject: Re: Shadowman, Chapter II   Shadowman, Chapter II Icon_minitimeMon Dec 24, 2012 3:50 am

That's a great suggestion, and I was actually thinking the same thing as I was reading it over. And I'm pleased that you knew it would be Amber who would not know how to play the game. That means I've done a good job with characterization. Thanks for reading.
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowman, Chapter II   Shadowman, Chapter II Icon_minitimeTue Jan 01, 2013 10:03 pm

Yes you have! The characters I can relate to completely b/c each one relates to friends I had in highschool. Surprised) Glad you liked my suggestion hon. Wooooo Sometimes my brain works and I come up with some good ideas. lol
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowman, Chapter II   Shadowman, Chapter II Icon_minitime

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Shadowman, Chapter II
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